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[195] I'll do my best.

投稿者: INAHO Kazuki 投稿日:2017年 6月25日(日)17時47分39秒 softbank060076226174.bbtec.net  通報   返信・引用

I will write my daily 2 times than usual because I sometimes forgot uploading this Weblog. I did this on purpose and I'm just letting you know.
Yesterday, I met my best friends in high school who are so intelligence. The encounter we first met is the entrance of 10th grader in OS high school. They are full of talent. We were going to go to the same university . If we all went to the same place , we would take place my religion every day for earning our daily bill but failed .  The bond between us was deepened was just in winter when we were first year of high school. We decided to participated in a program of entertainment , which is farewell party of 12?grader, third graders. We were called gamecock by teachers. We totally successed event after a final examination. After that , We took part in all event which took place at my school. At last we participated in our graduation ceremony as a special quota.
Yesterday, we talked our futures. Finally our future is decided.
We'll become YouTuber.
This is off topic but  I got train thinking this train is heading for Tokyo because I saw name of Tokyo on the electric panel. But this one was heading for Takao . I am in so rural area . I'll buy contact lenses.

[194] another sky

投稿者: YAMAZAKI Miki 投稿日:2017年 6月25日(日)16時24分0秒 i27-114-55-136.s41.a011.ap.plala.or.jp  通報   返信・引用

I watch "another sky" every Friday night. The program on which renowned people visit a favorite country. Tsubasa Honda visited a city of Spain called Barcelona this time. I did't know there were many wonderful places in Barcelona where I haven't ever been interested. But I thought I want to go to Barcelona which have beautiful townscape and exquisite architecture such as Sagrada Familia. I'm excited to visit any one of the countries next time. (75 words)    

[193] Catching a cold

投稿者: HAGIWARA Yuki 投稿日:2017年 6月25日(日)14時02分18秒 kita144160.kitanet.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Although I'm not susceptible to colds, I took it a few days ago. The reason why I took a cold may be that the hard working out hurt my throat and viruses came into my body from the injury. The cold hampered me to get good score at the vocabulary test in the V&G class. It's just a excuse though. Moreover, I had a stuffy nose, which caused the deficiency of oxygen. So I thought that I don't want to catch a cold anymore. (84words)

[192] My Favorite Srine

投稿者: MIYAKE Erina 投稿日:2017年 6月24日(土)21時53分48秒 FL1-219-107-190-63.tky.mesh.ad.jp  通報   返信・引用

  I went to my favorite shrine to offer thanks. I sometimes feel like going there. In spite of morning, there were a lot of people. Today was very hot, but inside shrine was brisk. Since Tanabata is coming, there was tunnel of Tanzaku in front of Haiden. Fortunately, when I worshiped, Shinto priest was preying.
I like not renowned shrine but this shrine which local people love. Although there is no reason why I love this one, I feel relaxed when I'm here, I hag Sacredtree. (86words)

[191] NBADraft17

投稿者: MOROHASHI Ryona 投稿日:2017年 6月24日(土)17時10分35秒 softbank060121032056.bbtec.net  通報   返信・引用

NBADraft of 2017 was held on June 23rd. Dallas Mavericks, which I am supporting, had 9th pick in the NBADraft. DAL selected Dennis Smith Jr. He is a versatile player who has high exercise capacity, precise shooting ability and tough body. DAL has needed a excellent Guard player recently. Furthermore, they also has needed a player who can contribute to the team. This is the reason why DAL selected him. I hope the day will early come when the rookie play an active part in NBA. (84 words )

[190] A single singer

投稿者: TOUYAMA Sasha 投稿日:2017年 6月24日(土)12時59分27秒 KD182249242150.au-net.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Last week, I went to see a live concert on the street with a friend of my high school days in Shibuya. The wowan singing songs who looks young for 22 years old, and very cute. Her voice, however, is a great powerful, so we were fascinated her. The day when many live concerts on the street were concurrent in Shibuya, but we were able to hear her clear voice.Although she doesn't be famous singer yet, we support her becoming one some day. (96 words)

[189] Idiotic friend

投稿者: SHIMOUTSBO ISAO 投稿日:2017年 6月23日(金)19時25分16秒 KD182251248017.au-net.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

I find my friend a positive idiot. I like my friend who is intelligent person, but he is positive idiot . My friend says "I decided to choose profession where academic records did not matter ". Why? Why all at once? I don't know the reason why he said. My friend says "l am tired my school homework. That's why I'm going to quit college school. I felt a right idiot.See a psychiatrist once .(70words)

[188] Advice of Chinese medicines

投稿者: TAIRA Mami 投稿日:2017年 6月23日(金)10時05分48秒 sp49-97-92-71.msc.spmode.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用   編集済

I want to introduce merits of Chinese medicines . The best reason why I introduce Chinese medicines is very responsive over a long span. As you know, Chinese medicines usually taste bad. But, Chinese medicines involve some components. So, some components act causes of diseases. This way is causal therapy. While, Western medicines which are general medicines act diseases themselves. This way is symptomatic therapy. Therefore, it is only a stopgap measure. Moreover, Chinese medicines lessen side effects compared to Western medicines. Thus, I recommend the use of Chinese medicines.  <90 words>

[187] Over 110

投稿者: MORI Tetsutoshi 投稿日:2017年 6月22日(木)12時14分53秒 KD182250243014.au-net.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

Yesterday, I went to the gym where I've been going since 5 years ago. I was startled, because the placement of implements was relocated  greatly. I felt it inconvenient and problematic for me, because I have never experienced such a relocation of them for 5 years. But, I took my heart and started to lift bench press. Fortunately, I was able to lift 100kg in 5 repetitions. Being able to lift 100 kg in 5 repetitions means that tentative maximum is 113kg. I reached my target that I set in this blog before.(91words)

[186] Food culture

投稿者: KODAMA Shuuhei 投稿日:2017年 6月22日(木)06時58分26秒 sp49-97-94-187.msc.spmode.ne.jp  通報   返信・引用

l ate ramen noodles yesterday which have many vegetables such as bean sprouts,scallion, and green leaf vegetables. I eat it for the first time in ages. I felt very delicious. This time,it was surprised to eat ramen noodles with rice. When I dwelled akita, I didn't see it. I thought Tokyo is the place whre everyone do it. I was stunned by that incident. Unfortunately,l thought ramen and rice don't fit. (76words)


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